Scented candle Désert du Khorasan
6.6 oz - 50 hours
Scented candle Désert du Khorasan

This perfume evokes the memories of a saffron harvest in the dessert of Khorasan. The hot wind, laden with resinous and balsamic scents makes the crocus flowers dance, dazed in their own lily perfume, to embrace the contemplative harvester by surprise. The moment they sprout, their lives are plucked away, and little by little their breath turns into a powdery and almondy aura. The stigmas that remain fly away for an arid journey without return to be reborn as a ruby and ardent phoenix, metallic and potent, called saffron.

Olfactive notes  :
Crocus flower, Saffron, Spicy and Amber notes…

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The theme of the candle is inspired by the ancestral saffron culture, rooted in the Iranian tradition. Crocus Sativus is a mauve colored flower with six petals, yellow stamens, and crimson stigmas. Only the stigmas are used to prepare the spice we call saffron, with its light honey aroma. This coveted spice is used in gastronomy and traditional medicine. A natural wonder, saffron has had a powerful and seductive hold, occupying a major place in households as well as in the poetic imagination.


For the realization of these scented candles, we work with suppliers and artisans passionate about their trade. The artisan perfumer, master chandler, glassmaker, designer, and glass designer, are all based in France. The perfumes that we have imagined for HōV are made by an artisan perfumer with over 40 years of experience. He creates each olfactive story to measure. Our perfumes are produced in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, located in the south of France. Our chandler, who is also a perfumer, finalizes the mineral wax composition, sometimes adding vegetal wax in accordance with the perfume and the container, to make the candle as potent and diffusive as possible.


To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your HōV candle for more than 3 hours straight during the first third of the candle and 1 to 2 hours during the remaining. Your candle will consume in a regular manner right to the bottom of the glass if the wick is kept upright and centered. Trim the wick before each usage (3-4 mm) to keep it like new.

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